Fareham, Hants.

Short Courses:
Strategic Management

Hampshire Education Authority

Managing Engineering Design


Leadership Skills
Smallpiece Trust
Managing Time & Priorities
Smallpiece Trust

Design for Production

Smallpiece Trust

Design for Assembly
Smallpiece Trust

Quality by Design

Smallpiece Trust

CADD Courses:
CAD Systems Management

Solidworks - Design - Analysis - Drafting - PDM

SDRC I-DEAS - Design - Drafting - PDM

Institution of Engineering Designers

Traditional Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship 

Diploma Systems Practice
Open University

BSc (open) (Technology)
Open University, Studied between 2007 and 2012.

Fareham, Hants.

PRINCE2® Practitioner
Project Management (2014)

Higher National Certificate (Mechanical Engineering)
Highbury College, Portsmouth.

​Director: Stephen Lang BSc CEng MIED dipSYSPRAC (open)
Company Registration number: 9482913

Tel: +44 (0)7731 838068

​​An adjustment device lower limb prosthesis
WO 2007054736 A3

​Director: Stephen Lang BSc CEng MIED dipSYSPRAC (open)
Company Registration number: 9482913

A Chartered Engineer with many years’ experience of mechanical design and technical/project management, I work well as both team leader and team member, maintaining a calm and focused approach throughout. Experienced in electro-mechanical devices, focusing on the mechanical design and project management aspects, I have extensive experience interfacing with and managing multi-disciplinary project teams.
My most recent permanent position, the key role of Product Development Manager, encompassed full responsibility for technical management, design, and continuous product improvement and project management of all development projects.
Education in both mechanical and production engineering has given a balanced perspective of the NPI process. The combination of degree-level systems management and school governor training have cultivated the skill set to see through complex detail and uncover the hidden strategic view.
Professional in all aspects of working life, due to my exceptional work ethic and drive, I can always be relied upon .

A prosthetic ankle joint mechanism
WO 2008071975 A1

​Lower limb prosthesis 
US 6517585 B1

A lower limb prosthesis
WO 2001017466 A2

​Prosthetic knee joint mechanism 
US 7883548 B2

​​Prosthetic ankle and foot combination 
US 20110230975 A1

​​A lower limb prosthesis

CA 2300103 A1

Chartered Engineer
Registered with the Engineering Council

City & Guilds 255 part III (Production Engineering)
North Devon College, Barnstaple.

Design and Technical Solutions Limited